Yesterday, on my birthday, I had Girl Scout cookies for breakfast.
girl scout cookies for breakfast

The girls brought me cupcakes at lunch (thanks Jenna, Les, and Krissy!).
birthday cupcake

And for dinner...
heaven on seven fried green tomatoes with crab meat
heaven on seven bbq salmon
heaven on seven shrimp po' boy

A Cajun feast at Heaven on Seven with Murdo: Fried green tomatoes topped with crab meat. Barbecue salmon over Andouille sausage-and-potato hash, with onion rings (mine). Shrimp po' boy and cole slaw (Murdo).

A lovely 25. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


  1. OMG. I've heard great things about Heaven on Seven--now I know why!!! Awesome!

  2. Happy belated b-day! That cupcake looks unreal!

  3. I LOVE girl scout cookies. OH MY GOSH - great way to start the birthday. The cupcake looks fantastic, btw. YUM.

  4. mitch - cajun food is awesome. makes me want to visit new orleans again...

    alisa - thank you!

    shanna - i've eaten an obscene amount of samoas and tagalongs in the last week. for breakfast. and before-lunch snacks. and after-lunch snacks. and and and.


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