Well, there's always nilaga.

There's a reason this blog isn't called Happy Jack Cooks: Then I'd actually have to, ya know...cook. And I love cooking, I do! But I also love being lazy. And eating out. And eating food someone else cooked. And being lazy.

I blame it on him.

He's really lazy. I think it's rubbing off on me. Especially when he's curled up on my chest when I should be washing dishes.

But anyway. I'm here today to tell you that yes, I do still use my pots and pans and yes, I'm aware that the last dish I posted that I actually cooked was a pork chop. Three weeks ago. Yes, I'm ashamed.

nilaga (filipino beef stew)

But I'm not ashamed that my big comeback is a bowl of nilaga, which I've posted not once, but twice before.

It's my go-to. My comfort. My never-fails-me, always-fills-me, can't-get-sick-of food. I made this particular nilaga on a lazy Sunday, when boiling meat for a couple of hours and throwing in some potatoes and cabbage and oh-why-not, some carrots, too, was all I could manage.

Can you tell I'm in hibernation mode here? This winter's been brutal. Thank goodness for familiar comfort foods.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a fat cat on my lap in need of my immediate attention.


  1. Why is it as soon as there's a warm, furry bucket of purrs on our chests, we are rendered completely helpless?

    And how come picking out cat hair from a caramel cashew cookie is hardly worth noticing when a hair from my own head would signal death for the entire batch?

  2. This dish reminds me of Irish corned beef & cabbage. I want your leftovers so I can make hash!

  3. I just made nilaga too! The only difference is it's boiling hot summer weather over here...not exactly nilaga weather but we were really craving!

  4. jenny - because kitties are cute. that's why.

    vicki - ooooh it's almost time for corned beef and cabbage!

    chichajo - i'm definitely craving warm weather. can i come over? we can eat nilaga together. :)


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