Good morning weekend.

You know you're getting older when you start to really appreciate mornings.

everything hash browns.

Gone are the days of sleeping in late on a Saturday, only to lazily roll out of bed around 3 in the afternoon, scavenge for food (is it lunchtime? dinnertime? who knows?), shower (maybe), and start making Saturday night plans.

Nowadays, I feel like my morning is wasted if I'm not out of bed by 11. (OK, 11 is still pretty late by morning people's standards, but c'mon. I am just 25, after all.) I've seen many a wasted morning, but I'm getting better. Today I was out of bed by 10:30. Yesterday, 10. There's something about being up early on a sunny day, in a quiet apartment, knowing the whole day is ahead of me, that makes me completely content with life.

saturday morning.

Now just because I'm starting to embrace my mornings doesn't mean I've become a morning person. I like my mornings calm and relaxed. That means I don't get up and clean, or work out, or make phone calls, or get much done at all. My productivity is limited to reading blogs and exploring Flickr and writing while eating breakfast -- usually a bowl of Ramen with egg, or an omelet, or black beans and eggs, or basically anything in my fridge topped with fried eggs.

Yesterday, it was everything in my fridge topped with fried eggs.

saturday morning.

My everything skillet consisted of potatoes, spinach, grape tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. I didn't bother putting the leftovers in the fridge right away; instead, I picked at them throughout the day as they sat cold and unattended on the stove. Is that wrong?

When I woke up this morning, I opened the window to find a warm and sunny day. Good morning, indeed. I ate the rest of the everything skillet mixed with white rice, soy sauce, and scrambled eggs, and began my morning ritual of blogging and Flickr-ing. It was so nice, I even found myself a little optimistic. Maybe winter is over. Maybe spring really is near. Maybe the green will come sooner than I think...

To celebrate the coming of green (and St. Patrick's Day!), I made green soup (adapted from here and here and here). It made me feel fresh and healthy.

spinach and pea soup

Soup on a warm day? Well, I figured I've been slacking in the soup department all winter, and my poor stick blender is probably feeling neglected, so I might as well make a nice, creamy soup while the season's still right.

Now if only I could feel this enthusiastic at 7 in the morning on a Monday...


  1. Man, I love soup, and yours looks lovely. So does that top picture - the medley of all in your fridge - YUM.

    I so get what you mean about Saturday mornings. I genuinely can't remember the last time I slept past 10 AM (how old does that make me sound!?), but I always have those thoughts of: the weekend is only so long, I want to enjoy it, yadda, yadda. Usually I tell myself I can nap later if I *really* want to, and I never do.

  2. Sleeping in till 10?!?!?! Not with kids! I used to love the late morning sleep in--now its more like 7am at the latest--enjoy your late mornings!

    And the everything skillet topped with fried egg looks great--we have a local place that calls this Hippie Hash--they also add feta cheese--yum!

  3. shanna - gotta take advantage of those weekend mornings. breakfast tastes so much better that way. :)

    mitch - i know, i know, 10 isn't really that early. but hey, like i said, i'm not a real morning person. i'm a late morning person. yes, i love late mornings, and i do enjoy them!

    i completely forgot about the cheese with that skillet! i'll try to remember that next time.


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