A burger for you viewing pleasure.

I don't have a recipe for you today, or a story about the weather, or a new vegetable to fall in love with, or any of that. I really don't have much to offer at all, except for this.

five guys burger.

I hope you'll accept it, and understand that I've just been having one of those weeks. You know, the ones where I'm left surviving on frozen goods and scraps from the fridge because the energy to get to the grocery store and actually cook something just isn't there. And when distractions keep me from writing what I really want to write. Oh, and the original Star Wars trilogy had been keeping me occupied, as well (I watched all three of them for the first time! Without falling asleep!).

That particularly delicious-looking distraction up there is from Five Guys in Naperville. I ordered it one Saturday afternoon after an hour or two of walking around and taking pictures. It was juicy and cheesy and messy. And a little overpriced, but worth trying at least once. If you do ever make it to a Five Guys near you, keep in mind that their regular burgers include two patties. I didn't know this. But I ate the whole thing anyway.

I went grocery shopping today, finally. I'm hoping to cook something up for you very soon. But for now, just have a burger, OK?


  1. I love Five Guys and your photo makes it look even better than it tastes!
    Not sure if there are any in Minnesota but now I've got a craving!

  2. OK. Just a burger. I can has?

    ...somebody had to do it.

  3. I just discovered Five Guys this summer. We were in Charlotte, NC for a wedding and walked around in extreme June heat and the Five Guys saved us! We were starving and in serious need of air conditioning. If you get the smaller burger with one patty, the price seems more reasonable, especially with all the toppings you can pile on. Tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle, jalapeno, yes! We just got one here in Michigan and although we've only been once, it's nice knowing it's there.

  4. That burger looks amazingly delicious. Too bad I'm vegetarian! Do you know how to make veggie burgers? If you ever do that, please put it on your blog! I have a cooking class every Wednesday and maybe we could make them for our class. Anyways it was just an idea.

  5. That burger looks delicious. I have a place up the street that is my go-to greasy burger joint...and man. Sometimes it is so necessary.


  6. antonietta - i originally wasn't going to post this, but i can never resist a good, juicy cheeseburger!

    anon - cheezburger? :)

    nicole - i will most definitely get the smaller burger next time. i didn't try a ton of crazy toppings because i was just so overwhelmed and i guess i panicked and went simple. i'm a burger purist in that sense, anyway -- tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce, mustard. that's all i ever need.

    violet - oh i'm sorry but i don't know how to make a veggie burger! you should try to get your cooking class to make it, though. i suggest heidi's recipe from 101 Cookbooks. even though i'm not vegetarian, i visit her site often and she always has delicious recipes!

    kim - greasy burger joints are a must in life. for real. but their fries have to be good, too. that's KEY.

  7. It looks so good with all that melted cheese!!
    I can't find a burger like this one next home... your being a little bit cruel, young lady ; )

    Yep... I live in Italy, food is amazing, but nothing like this burger!

  8. This is evil. I just ate a salad for lunch. Now all I crave is this exact burger. Sigh.

  9. 190.arch - i was just talking to murdo last night about how food in europe is just so much better and they really know what it's all about over there and then he said, But they don't have good cheeseburgers. i guess he's right. hey, if you're ever in my neck of the woods, i'll buy you a burger. a really cheesy one. :)

    samn - i know. looking at pictures of cheeseburgers is dangerous.


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