A Labor Day escape.

playing with sparklers.
photo taken by Ryan

My soon-to-be mother-in-law said over the weekend, "I just love watching little kids play outside. That's what they're supposed to do. Go play outside."

And we're all a little jealous, of course, of little kids running around the yard without a care in the world. Their biggest worries involve crayons and pencil sharpeners and whether they'll get the good swing at recess that day. The back of their mind isn't cluttered with random thoughts of hellish commutes, the cable bill, making it through the work week sane and alive.

stuffed peppers.
photo taken by Murdo

Enter three-day weekends. Thank the Powers that Be for the invention of three-day weekends. It might be the end of summer as we know it, but for 72 glorious hours, worries are no more. This is especially true when many miles away from dirty dishes, unpaid bills, the fluorescent lights of the office, or even a single bar on a cell phone screen. If you can, I strongly urge you to take every three-day weekend as an opportunity to escape and go play outside.

I did.

chocolate cafe

And let me tell you. Escaping is the best way to recharge and open fresh eyes and really appreciate the simple things once again. Because sometimes they can get clouded by negativity throughout the week, as I've come to realize. But I've learned to look through a new lens over the weekend, and I'm ready for whatever the rest of the week, the month, and everydaylife has to throw at me.

by the fire.


  1. Amen.

    (And those pictures are so lovely! Film agrees with you!)

  2. Those pictures ARE lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Those ice cream cones...wow.

  3. "Look through a new lens", very clever Jack. Why no credit to your Minolta srT201 though? or your guest photographers...excellent post, as usual. <3

  4. shanna - thank you! film is my new friend.

    kim - thanks! i didn't have an ice cream cone, but i couldn't resist snapping a picture of the fun sprinkles.

    murdo - way to call me out. i just credited you and ryan as my assistant photogs, and yes, many thanks to the minolta srt 201, which made the majority of this post's photos possible. <3

  5. What a lovely post! So glad that you got to go play outside (and that I did too, though it was a wee bit longer than three days.) :D

  6. All of these beautiful photos capture perfectly your delightful sentiments. I wish I could snag one of the cones - the sprinkles are irresistible!

  7. codfish and jennifer - thank you! thank goodness it's friday -- i'm going to play outside again this weekend! :)


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