How to survive the Ren Faire.

"It's a marathon, not a sprint," I told Jenny during the first hour we were there, and I believe my own advice is what kept me going all day, grubbing along, never getting uncomfortably full and always ready for more.


The Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin, has become a bit of a tradition for Murdo and me. This year was our second annual trip, and we came a little wiser and a little hungrier than last year, when we were still so young, so bright-eyed and curious, so naive. I knew to skip the giant turkey leg this year (it's tempting, but not worth it), to never sit for too long after eating (keep the blood flowing and the food digesting!), and to limit drinks to sassafras (essentially, a cup of root beer for only a dollar).

I don't know what it is about food on sticks, or food in cones, or any food that can be eaten while walking to the next mud show, but it's just fun. I think I enjoyed the fact that I was eating fish and chips out of a paper cone better than the actual fish and chips.

the Grub.

And fish and chips were just the beginning. Throughout the day, between all of us, there were Cornish pasties, Spanish fries, vegetable tempura, ribs, chicken, cheese fritters, crepes with fruit and ice cream, butterfly potatoes, garlic mushrooms, pickles on sticks, beef jerky, and a waffle cone.

I'd say we ran a good race. Slow and steady wins it.


  1. I loved the Bristol Ren Faire when I lived in IL! I was so happy when I found out that the same "players" are in SoCal every year too :)

  2. I've never braved the Ren Festival here in Michigan, but your post is making me want to change that. The food looks great!

  3. So fun! I love your first line about it being a marathon and the picture collages are so perfect!

  4. I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, so we visited the Renaissance Fair every couple of years. What fun! I was a little worried after looking at the first set of photos, but felt much better when I saw the turkey leg in the second set! It's a must!!



  5. vicki - it's fun times! what's your favorite food there?

    nicole - it's not all freaks in costumes. it's freaks in costumes serving delicious food!

    shanna - you should totally come with us next year!

    heather - uh-oh. hate to break it to you, but that's a picture of chicken, not turkey leg. yes, the turkey leg is a must, and i tried it last year. it was good, really. but it made me so full i didn't have room to try anything else! so i skipped it this time. priorities, i suppose. like fish and chips in a paper cone.

  6. Favorite's a toss-up between the turkey leg and the garlic mushrooms. Oh, and I have to get a pickle from the pickle lady.

  7. growing up in chicago, i can't believe i missed out on this faire!

  8. vicki - the garlic mushrooms are definitely one of my faves, although they were kind of lacking this year. maybe because i played them up so much from last year...

    kiss my spatula - i always thought it was kind of nerdy, but i finally learned to embrace my nerdiness and i'm so glad i did! :)


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