today i met with a man
about a thing
that could maybe change my everyday
in a lot of ways.


  1. Jacqui. This is one of my favorite pictures you've taken ever and I love it so much, every time I see it, I feel happy. Crossing my fingers for you about this maybe! Loving your poetic words.

  2. That's really beautiful with the light coming through the leaves. You're a really good photographer!

  3. shanna - lately, i've been obsessed with taking pictures of the sun because it makes me happy, too. thanks for your kind words, and i'm crossing my fingers, too!

    hannah - thank you! nature and light are wonderful subjects. :)

    violet - oh my, thank you for such a compliment! just being called a photographer boggles my mind...i'm just a girl taking pictures, that's all!


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