why not.

didn't cook last night.
went out for sushi instead.
then, at around 9:30,
we walked to the convenience store
and i bought pork rinds
because why not?
happy friday.


  1. I love those "because why not?" moments. To me, things like this are what I always imagined being a Grown Up would be all about. And being a Grown Up is certainly not ALL about those moments, I still take great joy in, every once in a while, doing things like eating cake for dinner and buying junk food at the convenience store.

  2. Where'd you get sushi? I had some at Shaw's last Sunday, and it wasn't bad, but I wasn't as impressed as my first experience. I am on the hunt.

  3. kim - you're so right. i appreciate my pork rinds so much more now. and cake for dinner? sounds good to me (as long as it's chocolate!).

    shanna - sakura in naperville. our favorite place to get sushi in the area. go there, and get the baked scallops. do it!


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